About this blog

Some simple questions need to be answered first:
Why am I blogging?
Ans: Simply because I loved the way Mark Zuckerberg(pardon spelling errors) used to blog about everything he thought all the time.. he’d pen it down(figuratively). I’d always wanted a system like that; and now I’ve finally built it! All I need to do is tilda (i.e. hit the tilda button), and start typing. When I’m done, hit tilda again, and the article is published!

Then why wait for so long?
Technical matters.. I had completed programming this about a month ago, actually, but there were some random issues that I needed to fix; for eg, I need to do a messy curl job to actually reach the XMLRPC script (which, as you might have guessed, is hosted outside campus), and special characters were causing some trouble. Not now. I can type ANY character I want, and it goes up nicely 🙂

Then, why this name?
Several reasons.. One, that it is part of a song by Pink Floyd, and the song has a nice abstract touch to it, which I liked. And for another, I firmly believe that no matter what man says, he still has no idea why a magnet works. I think a magnet is a perfect example of the pretense that science has about understanding stuff. You may tell me all about Maxwell’s equations and elaborate atomic models, but I’ll still ask you, “OK, still, why does it have to attract the iron things?” and you’ll know you’ve been defeated. So.. magnets.. in the face of technology miracles around us.. are still magnets.

Last thoughts:
Sadly, as I had hastily put this program in place, it is NOT a text editor (heck, it’s not even close). Which means that typing errors should be pardoned. For sadistic purposes, this is also a one-way editor: once you’ve typed and pressed enter to go to the next line, there’s no returning! After all, if this is to be my true log, it should be the unbiased first impression!
That’s it, I think

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