Haha.. I don’t know if this post will go up or not.. depends on whether there is a bug left in my last update to the
program. I decided that I needed a decent text-editor, if I were to really continue blogging. So, I edited my program
to fire up the simply amazing ‘nano’.. now, I can blog faster, better! Also, now, I use tilda to toggle
and show/hide my program window, which means that I can basically work, hit tilda and write something, hit tilda and
get back to work, hit tilda and write some more.. I can alternate between work and blogging much better!

Really, people.. you must use this system to believe how amazing it is.. work.. tilda.. type-type..tilda..work..tilda…type-type.. This blog is literally a Web Log.

Why am I spending so much time building such an elaborate system? After all, how much time does it take to open a
browser, go to wordpress, login, click the new-post button and start typing?
Ans: Enough for me to complete forget all about what I wanted to initially write.
Besides that, this system has an immense advantage: since I can post so easily, it makes sure that I post often enough,
which in turn, guarantees that the blog will always have new and interesting content; not like
other blogs which the reader may have encountered before, that don’t have anything new for weeks.
So, in effect, I shall have ‘established’ my reader base by “aggressive expansion”!

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