Meta: Meta

This article is a ‘meta’. For those who don’t know what meta means:
In general, whenever you encounter this prefix, you are going to also encounter awesomeness. Metapuzzles are puzzles about puzzles. Metaphysics is a study about physics, i.e. as a science in general(i.e. philosophical stuff). The HTML meta tag contains information about the page. You see, ‘meta’ stands for about. So, this post is about this blog, and although it is part of the blog content, it is still not the content in the sense of content, if you know what I mean.. it is just extra information about the blog.

In that sense, my first two or so posts, which described the reasons for naming this blog, and my posting system etc were also all meta articles. The reason I am posting this is that I realised right now that I’ll often be posting such stuff that talk about this blog, and I should make a clear distinction between them and the rest.

So, as convention, all my metas will be titled “Meta:” followed by a title pertaining to what aspect of the blog that meta corresponds to. You’ll notice that even this meta follows the same convention: the title is “Meta: Meta” since this article is a meta and it talks about a meta. So truly, it is a meta meta.

For more on metas and their awesomeness, read Godel Escher Bach, an eternal golden braid by Douglas Hofstadter.

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