A laptop charger

Most of you already know what this is about. For those who don’t, it’s only a matter of time before you find out the details. However, in short, I may say that this is about a laptop charger, ‘an’ email ID of its owner, and an angry to-be-IAS-officer chap.

But really, this is epic in every respect! The only thing that probably prevents me from taking printouts and pinning it next to the coffee shack, is that a DAC may probably follow (also pinned next to the shack, if the Dean has the right sense of humour there).

How do people get away with such stuff, I’d think. Really, how? But now I see that they don’t. And I am happy to see that. But what really amuses me the most, is that his email gives no respect to the upper case thing except “DELL”(he obviously has great respect for it, and is also inspired by the uppercase letters in the logo) and “IIT”(again, he obviously has great respect for it, and is also inspired by the uppercase letters in the logo). On the contrary, here is a URL has stunned me:


Well, like everyone, I thought that URLs are case-insensitive, so I actually took the effort of retyping it in lowercase. Do try it yourselves, I won’t give away the thing.

His profile shouts. Literally, right from the address bar. And on the internet, shouting is considered to be bad ethics(during voice chat in particular; it hurts when the other guy has headphones on).

But the thing that had to suffer the most in all of this, I think, was the laptop charger. Now there is simply no way that the charger will return to its owner; it will be eventually buried with a cute epitaph on its tomb:

Here lies a babes.. please gv respect den tk respect

Update: I hear that he could, in fact, locate the charger. Well then, we must bury it all the same!

3 responses to “A laptop charger

  1. can you please add like button?
    or something like option to choose ‘funny’, ‘interesting’,
    it’s too tempting! πŸ™‚

  2. IGI.. IGI.. IHGA..(I have got attitude)..!! πŸ˜€ And I went to college (actually KVPY camp). My website is iitb.ac.in. “The longer I live..” I think he is..

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