On what Godel, Escher, Bach have to say on politics

Polt(n. 1: politics; 2: the lack thereof) has left a mark on even The eternal golden braid(albeit a small one):

Tortoise: But we must be careful in combining sentences. For instance you’d grant that “Politicians lie” is true, wouldn’t you?
Achilles: Who could deny it?
Tortoise: Good. Likewise, “Cast-iron sinks” is a valid utterance, isn’t it?
Achilles: Indubitably.
Tortoise: Then, putting them together, we get “Politicians lie in cast iron sinks”. Now that’s not the case, is it?

Well, recent events seem to say that could very well be the case. In particular, when the media tries to give us an ‘unbiased’ insight(no pun intended) into the happenings, it becomes even more hilarious(and sad, too; media isn’t supposed to do that). So, if I add my own opinions here, that will only skew the delicate balance of bias in another direction (and a completely unexpected one, I assure you). Let’s keep our thoughts focused on some of my perceptions on what could be others’ interesting views of politics:

Godel: Avoid politics, the way he did. (Nothing too interesting here. Like the many empty rooms in Wolfenstein).

1. There is no absolute right or wrong; in fact, the transition between the two is imperceptible:
2. The system to nominate the people
who will nominate the people
who will nominate the people …

…next year
…next year
is recursively infinite and self-overwriting; implying that it can seldom bring about change:

Whatever you do, make sure you write your name on it. Bach’s “The musical offering” has a crab canon, a “mobius strip palindrome” as I like to call it, and finally, the last few bars of the melody actually consist of the notes B-A-C-H. (In his days, H used to be today’s B, and B used to be today’s B flat).

Let me finish with a statement from the Eternal Golden Braid:
… the ultimate explanation of a gas’s behavior always lies on the molecular level, just as the ultimate explanation of a society’s political behavior always lies at the “grass roots level”.

That is us.

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