Meta: Writing frequency

(I went home, and discovered to my dismay that the curl proxy interferes, and my online script needs to be relocated. I was doing that; done successfully; hence, no post over the weekend. Apologies.)
I find that I must find the right writing frequency, to keep the blog alive and yet, not a high-quantity-low-quality thing. After some deliberation, I came up with the optimum number of 1 post everyday. It sounds frequent enough; that will mean continuity in reading for everybody, and I can do quality stuff only then. Also, I’ll limit to exactly 1 meta per week. That seems a fair division.

Another thing: I will try my best to restrict my posts to less than 500 words. I think nobody likes to see a longer text than that, without that first twitch of fear-of-length-of-the-text(whatever it be called).

The third (and more amusing) aspect: writing style. I generally scan random blogs on the internet, just to observe the writing style they use. Some chief ones I found:
1. Informative/Instructive: They’ll teach you how to do well in exams or life of jobs and stuff, or how to make sure your blog has a huge reader base(ironically, it wasnt very popular either).
2. Strongly Themed: They’ll bore you to death with pictures of only cakes or only poems that have no letter ‘e’ or only a list of themes they’d have liked their blog to be based on, but it didn’t.
3. Rebellious: Maybe against aeroplanes, or maybe against xkcd, or maybe against all (other) rebellious blogs, saying that they aren’t doing it the right way.
4. Day-to-day blow-by-blow account of every single thing that they saw/heard/thought/killed. Reminds me of the ghastly sight called a kernel logfile.
5. None of the above. These are either generally amazing or totally blank.

Now, although my blog tagline makes it #4, my posting frequency will make it #5. And since it is not blank, you may deduce the rest of my wishes.

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