Somehow, when the average guy hears the phrase “open source”, the only mental associaton(HS303: psychology speaks) he can establish is the word “linux” , which, in turn, is somehow associated with this figment of imagination(as far as they are concerned):

Yet, I firmly believe that we all want to see proprietory software being beaten to pulp by their open source alternatives, and every time that happens, we feel a little better. And there’s plenty of evidence (growing each day) that the Open Source Model produces infinitely better things than otherwise. Examples:
1. VLC. Read anything(file, network stream, webcam, screenCapture), decode/encode anything, and write anywhere(file, network, desktop, multiple desktops). Simple conceptual model; very powerful.

2. Linux/Apache/etc suite. Nothing beats it, we all know. It isnt for no reason that over 60% of the world’s port 80s have an httpd sitting behind them. Haha to Windows and Mac (whose Finder’s logo resembles two-face, BTW. Did Apple never think of the ghastly interpretations?).

3. And then last sem, I was hit by blender(Visit for info). After that, I have been playing around with it on two levels:as a CG Artist, and as a programmer (I also fixed a couple of bugs \m/). Of course, in the process, I got a chance to observe the blender community as well; and I am moved by how strongly it is community-driven. Blender is the future of CG, I know somehow. Coupled with GIMP(whose v2.8 is readying to stun us all), I think Open Source has another Straight Flush coming up. My tiny attempt to further them:

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