Meta: Migration

I have decided to change the publicity structure of my blog. I have disconnected the blog from both Buzz and Facebook. I’ll expand my reader base in a much better way using these means, than the current behind-the-scenes system does. That, among other things, requires me to mashup 4 different APIs (WordPress XMLRPC, FaceBook’s Graph API, Google Buzz API, Webhooks); it shall take me a couple of days to set it all up. In the meanwhile, I shall continue posting daily as usual.


If you use and you like my blog, then and if not,
Linux Update your cron conf right now; schedule an automatic daily visit here I respect that
Windows This blog won’t make it any better it’s worth a try, anyway
Mac Visit first; you need help and there’s hope you got pwned on both points

Or, if you are still reading this, you could Subscribe from the sidebar.

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