Meta: Feedback

I expect that this post will get the 1000th hit. Now that we have come so far, I think it’s time to insist on feedback.

Not everyone likes all posts to the same degree, obviously. There even may be some people who come here just because they see this link on Buzz, and they do the only thing they know can be done with links: they can click it. For them, unimaginative is the word I’d like to employ.

Well, for all the readers, unimaginative or not, after you’re done reading the post, there is a provision to rate the posts with stars. I find that very, very few people have actually used it. So, I decided to make it a point to tell people to use it more often. Feedback is the only way for you to get stuff that you’d like to read about, irrespective of whether you liked all these posts or not. Don’t just passively read what I post. Take charge of your life, and rate posts to get more of what you want in the future!

Rate posts. Starting from this one.

P.S. If you are really enthusiastic about it, do visit the archives and rate even the earlier posts.

P.P.S. More direct feedback by commenting on posts, or actually mailing me, will only enhance the chances of you getting to read better stuff in future.

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