Déjà vu

(Meta: This is a valuable excerpt from my autobiography, should there chance to be one.)
I have always been around and using computers. Gaming on them. And programming on them. My first game was Dave in my first grade. And my first programming language was LOGO, also in first grade. (That was CBSE board, and they really did notch things up!) Now, I don’t think that everyone thinks that making a triangle run around on the screen by mashing on the keyboard is called programming. But it IS called programming; you have to come to terms with that.
Forward the clocks: my first year at IIT; first sem. I find myself doing a CS101 turtleMain assignment; I had done it roughly twelve years before giving JEE.
Now, that’s planning.

No wonder history repeats.
(Meta: Rate this! Though that is exactly what the line below says; I think repeating it here makes a difference. Man can never quite claim to understand how he thinks, can he?)

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