The disconnect

Inside the campus, we are inside a shell; our identities kept a big secret by a proxy server (lol), and then protected by a firewall (lol lol). Secrecy and protection apt for a mafia, you may imagine. Feels cozy and comfortable, doesn’t it?
To me, it feels disconnected. There is a discontinuity between us and the world in each aspect. Right from CS servers and FTP access. And for me, the most exasperating disconnect is… time.
I can’t get my hardware clock to be in sync to the nanosecond with UTC. There are hundreds of Internet Time servers out there, and a frantic NTP daemon on my laptop that increases startup time by a few seconds, when it is trying to reach this server and that server. But the NTP port 123 is blocked by the firewall; and ntpd must rest in peace each time.
Apparently, there was an internal NTP server some time ago, but it does not reply now. Why block NTP, I ask CC. I am waiting for an answer.
You’ll ask, what do I want to do, with a clock synced to the nanosecond with UTC. I say: I want to blog about it here. So, instead of blogging about how it is in sync, I end up blogging about how people won’t allow me to sync it.
Besides, there are advantages of having the right time. If someone tells you that you’re late, you’ll make quite an impression by saying how much you are late by. Shows that your actions are well-timed, if not timely.
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One response to “The disconnect

  1. I don’t think that NTP supports nanosecond accuracy yet.

    What use will you have with nanosecond accuracy. If you are really that keen on accuracy, use the GPS UTC pulse, or better still, build your own atomic clock.

    No wait, an atomic clock is just so clichéd, try building a light clock. No wait, that suffers from relativistic errors…

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