The balance

Did you like Psycho? How about Saw? And Inception?

Chances are high that you didn’t answer in the affirmative to all three. Of course, surreal and humour are generally liked by all; not everyone likes horror; much less gore.

We often forget, though, that these are just various emotions of Navras.  Just the way our body needs the right balance of all nutrients, our emotional self also should be provided a balance of all emotions. We should learn to appreciate the emotions that we otherwise don’t. We will, too, once we look at it in the right light.

So, am I saying that you should force yourself to watch a horror movie even if you don’t like it, just for the emotional balance?

Well, I don’t know; maybe I am. But more than that, what I am saying is, instead of just shunning away from horror, we should face it, and try to see the beauty of that emotion as well.

I guess the navras manifests in every art form, and not just movie. Music, theatre, even drawing is full of them. But they aren’t all obvious.. it is easy to spot a painting that induces humour; but do you know, say,  a painting that induces heroism? If you do, post a link to it.

I was reading on Wikipedia:

In the Rasa method, emphatic “emotions are conveyed by the performer and thus felt by the audience,” in contrast to the Western Stanislavski method where the actor must become “a living, breathing embodiment of a character” rather than “simply conveying emotion.”

It probably means that performers of the Rasa method focus less on being the character, and more on conveying the emotion. Is that desirable? I guess one could argue from both sides: For one, the whole point of art is to reach out to the audience in an emotional sense, and the artist should be one with the emotion, beyond the character. For another, if the performer executes the script perfectly by being the very character that the script demands, then the art should move the audience without a forceful effort by the performer.

What is your take on this? Comment!

I’ll end this post with two irrelevant quotes:

“Common sense is that layer of prejudice laid down in the mind prior to the age of eighteen.” – Einstein

Restated, in a way:

“…every great theory begins as a heresy and ends as a prejudice.” – Unknown

I already have the feeling that my next post will be about these statements.

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