If you are in linux right now, kindly print the first four lines of /etc/gdm/Init/Default and you shall find:

# Stolen from the debian kdm setup, aren’t I sneaky
# Plus a lot of fun stuff added
#  -George

Haha, you say(hopefully). But really, these four lines go to say a lot about the Hack Culture and why some of us hate Windows. Frankly, Win7 is a nice OS, I have no doubt. But it simply doesn’t make it easier for us to hack around. Some of us gain immense pleasure by putting together random stuff, probably pulled off from arbit places and patched together.. jugaad is the local term. The net result is probably that we have understood parts of how some other things work; more importantly, we have assembled something that works!

Like what, you may say.

Well, like this (you need shiki-themes installed for this to work). I wrote this last semester, and have added a keyboard shortcut binding to Ctrl-Alt-Space. So, I can rotate my laptop colours (wallpaper, theme, icons) at the press of a button. Note that the order has been chosen carefully to resemble the rainbow. I call it Shiki-Spin: (The right logo, if you wish to keep it handy on your gnome panel and link it to that script)

Big deal, you’ll say.. I can spin colours on my laptop. So what?

So, nothing.. This was just a glimpse of what is possible. How about, for example, being able to write your own kernel-level firewall, for added security? (Now you know what I did last summer :))

Bottomline: hacks can be much more than spinning colours. And Linux makes it so easy for us to hack around.

Last but not the least, respect to George. Thanks to him, we can log in! (Mythbuster: login is not a verb.. you don’t login; you log in.)

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