This post is about nothing. Literally, or at least as far as we can stretch that concept. (Think Seinfeld, if it hasn’t struck you yet)

BTW I saw the first Google Ads appear on the blog. \m/ Don’t bother clicking, I haven’t bothered to configure Adsense. Yet, a good thing, for some reason.

An interesting incident happened today: I was playing some music in iTunes, and a largish download from the iTunes Store was in progress simultaneously.. for some reason, the download stopped and hanged iTunes; but I did not realize that for a long time, because the music did not stop playing, thanks to multithreaded programming. And now I have to wait again while the download is under way. The conclusion is that in rare cases, inventions like multithreaded programming do backfire.

Both JEE and GRE are nasty exams. But these days, I have begun to appreciate GRE more. Among other things, the computer-adaptive nature means that virtually nobody in the world would be doing the exact same questions in that order, as you are. Hence, improvement can be defined only in terms of doing better than ourselves (since there is nobody else to compare to). In contrast, the process of improving in JEE, is about doing better than more and more other people. This fundamental psychological difference translates into this interesting observation: Raising one’s performance in JEE from mediocre to a double-digit rank offers far less new things to learn, than does raising one’s performance in GRE from mediocre to say, 1550+.

And I saw Raagini MMS. In a single word: disappointment. Since a good part of the theme was straight off a combination of The Blaire Witch Project/Paranormal Activity, I was hoping good things. And what was with the weird Marathi ghost, who had a pretty limited number of things to say? After the second or third time she said the same three-four sentences, I could only think of Pi (the movie): Restate my assumptions: 1. Mee chetkin naahi aahe. 2. He ghar maajha aahe. 3. Mee ithun jaanar nahi. etc.

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