The experiment

This is to all the readers of my yesterday’s post: Congratulations! You were a part of a psychological experiment. The reason that you didn’t know that it was an experiment was simply because the outcome wouldn’t have been the same (and unbiased), if you did.

The experiment was simple: unlike previous posts, I did not specifically add a postscript begging you to rate the post. And indeed, nobody rated the post (in particular, you didn’t). Among other things, this dispelled the doubts I had about whether my writing that postscript really makes any difference at all. So apparently, it does. (The standard cause-correlation error, maybe. But it doesn’t matter. Not to you, anyway)

And now that you are reading this post, you probably know now that even this post is now a psychological experiment. Because I am not going to add a postscript to even this post. But now that you know this a psychological experiment, you’ll behave differently. Which means you’ll be very, very eager to rate this one.

Or on the other hand, you won’t like to think that I somehow put you in a position where I am cleverly dictating your actions, and forcing what you do (i.e. rate posts), and so, you won’t rate this one, after all. But even in that case, I have forced you to do something (i.e. not rate posts), and you won’t like that, either.

Either way, there is no escaping the fact that you concede that I controlled your action. Do what you want.

(UPDATE: Now I see that someone did rate the previous post. That too, after I posted this one. Looks like somebody’s desperate attempt to show how I don’t control them. Well.. I just did)

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