Game Review: Where Am I?

Decades hence, if web operating systems really become prevalent, I hope that the in-browser flash games gain the popularity and attention that they deserve. Today, I came across this little flash game called Where am I?; and it is one of those games which everyone simply must play at least once. So, as an attempt to encourage the reader to play it, I decided to write this brief game review! Synopsis, more-of.

Firstly, when I said the game was little, I actually meant tiny. That, because there are some flash games that take weeks to complete.. this is a particularly long and complicated one, where some upgrades have actually been monetized!

On the other hand, Where Am I? gets over quickly.. firstly, because it does not waste time in useless things like menus, options or game instructions. (It doesn’t even have the little mute button in the corner!) Basically this is the first thing you see after the game starts..:

Small White Dot on a completely Black background, with the remark "Where Am I?"


and then the text fades away, and you are left staring at a white dot… and you are supposed to start playing!

But either by intuition or otherwise, you do try the arrow keys, and that is when the fun begins! The audio-visual play of harmony comes together nicely. It even makes just bouncing around enjoyable as well. Yet, the controls are trivially simple, and once you’ve hit the walls a few times and spotted the exit, you’ve basically understood the entire gameplay (not to be confused with the game mechanic).

Well, a few levels or so later, you’ll probably decide to stop just bouncing around randomly and actually explore the maze a bit more consciously, or decide to just follow the wall. And you will have finished the game a few minutes later. A short and sweet experience, punctuated with the little remarks and groans that the dot makes, one of them being “I hope there’s cake at the end of this…” (the odd Portal reference is always welcome :D).

Hundreds of such flash games get created year after year; some of them leading to sequels of increasing complexity!

By the way, don’t just assume that you can surely finish the game! It is simple; yet it requires some patience and calmness of the nerves to complete. So do give it a try!

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