I turned 21 this week.

All you’ve done is not die for a year – Jerry Seinfeld

And how do I want to see myself 21 years hence?

Happy, obviously; but in all seriousness.. not dead.

And where is the current system likely to take us in 21 years?


You don’t need to be told that the world is currently not working out well for everybody in the world. The more I think of it, the more I feel the need to support change.

And who, according to me, might provide the basis for change?

Well.. as an aside, let me describe an incident. This was during a ‘career orientation’ lecture that my school had organized. The speaker, Mrs. Shailaja Mule had asked, “Those of you who DO science, stand up!”

Funnily, I was the only one who stood up. And it was spontaneous, now that I recall the moment. The audience broke into applause and all that.. what a waste.

Returning to the question.. who might provide the basis for change?

I think the answer is Science. The scientific method, to be more precise. I stood up for it once (literally), and I think it’s time we all do so, now. And there is a group of people who have been making efforts in that direction, for some time now.

Simply put, what The Venus Project represents and what The Zeitgeist Movement hence condones, could be summarized as: “The application of The Scientific Method for social concern”

– Preface to the Zeitgeist Movement Activist Orientation Guide.

I feel we need to take this as seriously as we can. The reason for me to personally do so? If nothing else, so that I may be able to enjoy my 42nd birthday as freely as I did my 21st, in a future that otherwise might turn out to be the greatest gamble of all.

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